Flash Fiction: The Good Teacher

At a banquet, there is a teacher that has been voted the best educator of the year has been rank number one educationalist in the state of California. The teacher’s name is Mrs. Cox, and she is a plump woman and wears A-line dresses during her hours at the school. She is 45 years old […]

Flash Fiction: Going Home

David Spencer is a hardworking man. All the employees discriminate him because of his appearance. David walks pigeon toe, and his coworkers gossip behind his back because of the way he saunters around the workplace. His white-collar employees think that they are more superior than him because David is a janitor. He cleans an entire […]

Flash Fiction: Revenge? Or…

Kyle goes to an elementary where he is bullied throughout the day. He walks around the school and is often pushed around by this bully name Joey Cash also known as “Big Joe.” Kyle was once in the hallway minding his own business and saw Big Joe standing by the water fountains. Kyle was nervous […]

Flash Fiction: The Best Mother in the World

A woman name Ember Dabner is a disgusting mother who hates her child. She takes out all her frustration on her son. His name is William Cortez. William has a speech problem and cannot speak correctly. He says ‘wa wa’ instead of water. He says ‘fo fo’ for food. He is seven years old, and […]

Flash Fiction: The April Fools Prank

In the Spring of 1965, the date is April 1st and children love to prank each other on that day. A crowd of teenagers named Paul, Bob, and William are pranking each other with April Fools pranks. During school, Paul went inside the principal’s office and got on the intercom. “Gooood Morning ladies and junkies, […]


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