Flash Fiction: We Can Be Heroes for One Day…

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Manny, a little boy, walking towards the street, is carrying a warm bottle of milk. The little boy’s mother is fast asleep on the couch. She is a single mother who can’t keep a relationship. Manny is 5 years-olds and doesn’t know much about his neighborhood. He grabs a rock and tosses it to a pool of water. A man wearing a filthy night coat with greasy hair about a hundred feet pushing a dirty old’ rusted cart is approaching Manny. The little boy is enjoying his fun time throwing rocks into the puddle. Then, a muscle car is rushing down the street as if he is in a Nascar race. Manny lost his tracks and is now standing in the middle of the road, collecting asphalt pebbles. The man sees the seen as if he is watching a movie. He sprints to Manny as fast as he can and scoops him up like a baseball. He tosses the boy onto the sidewalk and saves his life. Time happens so quickly that the man’s torso smashes the windshield like a crash dummy. He flips onto the top and falls off the tail of the car. The car hits the brakes, and a loud crash is heard all over the neighborhood. The mother runs outside and is dreaded in tears. Everyone comes out of their homes and watch as the man on the floor bleeds and is in agony. A witness that saw the entire scene lies about what happened.


“He tried to steal your little boy! He deserved it. He’s sick!” The witness shouts.

The mother spits on his face and kicks him in the ribs.

“Pervert! I hope you go to hell!” She yells.

The neighbors are helping the man who crashed. They consider him a hero for stopping killing the stranger.

Everyone stares as he slowly passes away. A hero that never got to explain the situation suffered a painful death and was falsely accused of adduction.

© Daniel Sanchez 2020



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