Buying a New Car?

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Buying a car may seem like a good thing, but in reality is it really? I went to a car dealership to just to look around. A dealer approaches me and starts to ask what is my price range. I told him around $15K and he looked at me like if I was being too cheap. He took us to his desk and pulled out the computer taking my information down. The part that amused me was the man was taking down my information without even looking at vehicles. I was very pleased with his experience because I am guessing that he how he makes his fast sales. He was respectful and courteous while typing. The man told me how much I qualified for and all that good stuff. Then, he showed me the cars on the computer that I qualified for. I kindly decline his service and told him thank you for his time. I noticed he still try to lure me in on the deals. I did not want to be rude, but I told him I’ll come back and think about it. The dealer gave me his business card and personal number to make sure to give him a call for that sale. I wasn’t in shock that he was acting that way because that is how they are trained to buy people in. Overall, I found this experience to be extremely amusing.

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