Micro Fiction: The MD

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The doctor comes out of the surgery room. A nurse is beside him.

Doctor: That was one hell of a surgery. I’m ready for lunch. My treat!

Nurse: Okay doctor, but I want Asian food. White rice and orange chicken sounds delightful!

They both clean themselves up and walk out of the hospital. As they drive up to the restaurant and come out of the BMW. They both see a man laying on the floor bleeding.

Man: Help! Please! I have a family!

The doctor walks by and ignores the man.

Nurse: Doc! Aren’t you going to save this mans life! He needs help!

Doctor looks at her and the man.

Doctor: I’m too hungry and we are on a time limit. Let’s get some food.

The nurse gets angry and calls 911. An ambulance arrives to help the man.

They get back to the hospital and the nurse is furious with the doctor. She can stand the selfish man at this point. Another nurse approaches them as if she were in a hurry to turn in a lottery ticket.

Nurse 2: A man has been admitted and he is dying. It looks like a puncture wound. He is losing a lot of blood.

Doctor: Let us hurry we need to save this man! Nurse prepare the station!

Nurse 1 runs into the surgery room and is shocked of what she sees. The doctor walks in adjusting his mask.

Nurse: Look doctor, guess who this is.

The doctor is speechless and has a blunt look on blunt look on his face.

Doctor: The man from the restaurant.

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2020