Micro Fiction: The Future Traveler

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It is 1911 and two men have invented a time machine. They are sick and tired of living in a boring era. They are ready to travel, but first they must pick which year to visit.

Man 1: I am so pleased that we finally invented a device that allows us to travel to the future.

Man 2: Yes, indeed. We shall pick a year. A very wise year, where man has created advance technology.

Man 1: Let fate decide. We shall look at the clock and whichever hour it is on we will travel there.

(The two men look at the clock)

Man 1: Ah ha! 8:20 p.m.

Man 2: Let’s measure round it off to military time.

(Man 1 calculates the time using mind)

Man 1: Just as I thought, the year 2020. I hope the world has adjusted all these years.

(The two men take off to the year 2020)

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2020


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