Reality Check

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Hello Friends,
Life has changed dramatically for many of us, including my own. Social distancing is now apart of everyone’s norm. The world is under a bad plague that displays on our digital devices and television sets. A long time ago, the globe seem innocent and everyone said, “Good Morning” and shook hands. Now, society is distant and generates thoughts of others being infected by a contagion. A common cold can be mistaken for a serious sickness. Then, everyone panics. Resources are scares and supplies are limited in the hospital’s around the world. The medical hero’s sacrifice their lives everyday to save the lives of others. The boldness these heroes have are unexplainable.
A realistic fact comes to mind. I am an unemployed substitute teacher struggling to make ends meet. I am at war financially. Once again, the conflict has started and I am ready to accept this life style once more. Life was never meant to be easy that is why acceptance is the key rather than blaming. Failing in life is what makes you stronger in the end.

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