Flash Fiction: The War of the Future

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A juvenile is residing in California, sleeping in an abandoned structure. This minor carries a weapon that can destroy anything in sight. He wakes many times during the hours of darkness, anxious and insecure. His curiously creeps upon him when his mind runs wild. 

The youngster lays there as the moon illuminates his face reminiscing. 

Mom, why are we packing. Where are we going? 

(Soldiers break down the door)

Let’s go, son now! Hurry!

Hey! Get down! Freeze!

No! Please, it’s only my son and me!

(Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom)

Grab the kid and take him to the refuge camp. 



Shouting is heard from the outside. The juvenile quickly gets up and hides inside a damaged closet. A voice is speaking.

“Check the building and make sure there isn’t anyone in there. I don’t want to risk the last regime we have.”

The young man peaks out of a hole and witnesses two soldiers searching and snooping around his area. 

He points the machine gun towards the trooper and prepares himself to fire the weapon. A roar echoes the walls.

“Let’s move! This construction is a ghost town.”

The two soldiers propel out of the room. The group moves along to its next destination. 

Coming out of the closet as he watches them disappear into the shadows. He sparks up a cigarette and puffs. The wind is breezy and sweeps the smoke, leaving a foul smell of tobacco. He grabs his firearm and flicks the switch to ready mode. His voyage will continue tomorrow when the sun rises from the east. 

© Daniel Sanchez 2020

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