Personal Journal: Day 3

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Saturday 21, 2020

The day started pretty slowly for a Saturday. I went to Dollar General and tried to search for a gallon of milk. Luckily, they were giving two per family. Moreover, I also got a gallon of water and a can of Lysol. I didn’t see much food in the aisle. The bread was only two per family or household. I went to another grocery store to try to find a case of water, and I did obtain one because they were giving one pack per customer. However, I am the only one getting off and on the vehicle trying to find supplies. I always carry hand sanitizer to be safe. After the rush, we went home (my wife and daughter).

I didn’t do much when we got home. I went on my phone and surf the web to check out how the Central Valley is doing. I found out as of last night that there are 12 new cases of coronavirus. 

  • Six travelers 
  • Two Person to Person Contact
  • Four Unknown Cases/Under Investigation 

It is confirmed that a person at the age of 0-17 had come in contact with the virus. There are five in the age group of 26 to 40. Three are 65, and one is between 18-25, and another is from 41-64. But, they are in isolation at their place of residence recovering. It is increasing day by day and every time I search it on my phone there is another case. So, I stay at home in quarantine. 


Yesterday, I briefly discussed what I think will happen when everything calms down. I believe people will still stay in fear of upcoming viruses in the future. People will always stock up on supplies and keep a distance from each other. Handshakes will no longer exist. The markets will enforce sanitation protocol. Hand sanitizers will be in stores, businesses, restaurants, and maybe in the street. Cleaning supplies would be necessary for people. Coughing will no longer be the same. People who have a common cold in public will panic the people. Gloves will be used for almost everything that has to do with human contact. This is going to change the world little by little. But, these are my opinions, not facts. After you are finish reading this blog. Does my curiosity dwell on your thoughts? Yes. What is your prophesy? 

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