Personal Journal: Day 2

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Friday 20, 2020

My family and I have decided we were going to wash clothes at the laundromat. Of course, paranoia kicks in because of COVID-19. Instead, we go to her mother’s house to wash our clothes. I live in an apartment, and the landlord does not provide washer machines. We spend most of the day there. We talked about the Coronavirus, and it only made everyone feel more nervous. So, we settled to go to the living room and look up a movie that would try to ease the fear off, but that didn’t happen. The movie we saw was called Contagion (2011), which was about flu-virus, just like the one going on right now, spreads around the entire world, and it annihilates countries (Humans). It made me think of how similar the movie was to real life. The scene I am discussing is where the virus came from. First, the virus is inside a bat. The bat was eating a banana off a tree. It flies off and drops the fruit in a pen of pigs. The pig eats it and is sold to a butcher, such as a restaurant. It shows the chef applying sodium chloride on the dead animal’s teeth. He wipes his hands all over his apron and doesn’t wash his hand. We can infer that he smudges the virus onto his clothing and hands. Then, he comes in contact with a woman and shakes her hands while taking a picture. The movie ends there. The film is set in the present and shows how the entire world is already infected, and there are so many cases around the world. In the movie, it does not show any cure and appears to show the start of a pandemic. It makes me my blood run cold because of how a film is becoming real life. However, what makes me scared is how is the world going to react when there is a cure? I have many theories that are not facts; they are my opinions. That I will write about tomorrow and see what you great and smart people think? Stay safe! 

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  1. I loved Contagion and hate that real life is basically turning out to be the same. I just hope it won’t come to the level of lives lost in the movie. I did like the way they tracked Patient 0 and how it kinda started with deforestation, the tractor disturbing the bat’s home and it flying off to hang out somewhere else. It’s got to start somewhere, right?

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