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I’ve been in quarantine since Monday. Which technically is day 5 but I’m starting a journey to write down what I do and what I encounter each day. It is a little late, but I’m doing my best to record events and facts that is happening in the world/town and my life. It makes my anxiety and fears rise up knowing that the world is going through a pandemic. What makes me terrified is opening my phone and seeing the online news or turning on the television and witnessing cases about the COVID-19. Our Governor Newsom ordered that 40 million California residents to stay home. There has been a lockdown as of Thursday at midnight. I am from the Central Valley and a lot of schools have closed down which is makes me stressful because I am official unemployed until April 13. There has been 7 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Central Valley. Many people have been rushing to the stores and buying anything they can get their hands on. I went yesterday to the grocery store and it looked like something out of a movie. Everything was almost empty. The employees are wearing gloves so they won’t get contaminated. The shelves were empty and waters, toilet paper, cleaning supplies are in high demand. Everyone is paranoid and the paranoia spreads.

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As of right now, the world has about 200,000 cases of Coronavirus or more. The U.S. has about 14,000 cases and counting. There has been 205 deaths and 121 patients have recovered. California projects that 56% of the state will be infected over the next 8 weeks. That is about 50 million people. The World Health Organization’s has attached a pdf. on Google. This helps prevent germ transformation which insist everyone to wash their hands for 30 seconds as much as possible. The best way to stay safe is practice social distancing. I hope for the best for everyone in the world and let’s try to still remember we are all human. We still need to fight this as a whole. Stay home and stay safe.

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  1. My Chinese Corona Virus Diary is real short and not so sweet: Day 1- blew my back out completely, excruciating pain, death did not look that bad, no room for anxiety. Still in that condition.
    That’s it.

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    1. I read your article it is sad how the “Globalist” do in fact have control. I notice in stores that prices have rise and I think it coul be because of supply and demand. Everyone needs their products.

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      1. Daniel we believe that as biblical prophecy states about the astronomical cost it would take to live as well as plagues. The prophecy here I believe starts at Revelations 6:5 and 6:6. Thanks for reading and giving feedback. Be safe Daniel!

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