The Boss: Chapter 5

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Chow time is coming to an end. The entire canteen is getting ready to go to the yard. The Aryan Comrades line up and walk outside. Then, The Outsiders, Eight Ballas, and last is the Mexican Familia. Rey is rambling, trying to pull out the small blade from the apple. One of the Generals is behind him, making sure he carries out his duty.

“You remember who it is, aye?”

Rey nods his head. 

Rey has the blade in his hand. It is wrapped in yarn, and there is a slight opening just for the edge to peak out. He is in the back of his target.

Then, a brawl breaks out between the Eight Ballas. Two gang members are beating one of their own. Ten guards run and order everyone to get on the floor. Rey looks at the guards sprinting with pepper spray cans and taser guns.

Rey haullinates; and lunges towards the inmate. He screams.


The sounds make every inmate glimpse him, including Hefe. Blaring. Punching. Stabbing. Pow! Another one. He continues to beat the inmate down. The small blade never leaves his hand. 


“Hey! Get down now! Get on the floor!” 

Bang! Boom! 

A flashbang explodes in front of Rey. It releases miniature rubber spheres filled with pepper chemicals. A taser shoots Rey on his upper body. He drops on the bloodstained concrete floor—the blade has driven inside the palm of his hand. 

Three guards drag Rey away from the inmate. They each take out their batons and start beating Rey to get on his belly. He complies. 

“You just landed yourself another felony charge, scum.” One of the correctional officers says.


They apprehend Rey and lift him. Millar walks into the canteen holding his taser gun in a ready position. He looks around and sees that the guards have controlled the cafeteria. The sergeant puts away his electronic device. Millar walked up the Rey and chuckles.

“Take this garbage to the hole. I don’t want to deal with this waste of human life. Frisk him and make sure he’s clean to go into segregation. I don’t want another homicide in there.”

The guards search him and find cigarettes and bubble gum. One of the officers overlooks at his hand. Blood is gushing out. 

“Oh my, check this out, sergeant. It looks like this scumbag penetrated his hand; while stabbing one of his members.” 

Millar gets close to Rey. He shakes his head with irritation.

“Pull it out and wrap his hand with gauze from the kitchen. I don’t want to report this incident. I wasn’t here.” 

They follow his command. Millar mumbles to the officers.

“Oh, and one more thing, I want to interview him about this occurrence, so I’ll pay Rey a little visit later.”

One of the officers looks at Rey.

“You did it this time.”

They escorted him to solitary. 


Millar is overseeing the medical nurses helping the inmate. He is barely breathing and losing blood. He has puncture wounds on his neck, back, chest, and stomach. The inmate’s face is severely injured and swollen from the strikes. The nurses and a paramedic are performing CPR on him. There is no hope, and he bleeds to death.

Millar walks up to them. 

“Which inmate is it?”

The paramedic looks up to Millar.

“I can’t identify him, sir.”

“Look for tattoos and his number!” Millar shouts.

The man sighes.

“Tattoo says JP and Mexican Familia affliction, inmate number 3-5-0-5.”

Millar shakes his head and smiles.

“Joshua Parales.”

© Daniel Sanchez 2020