The Boss: Chapter 4

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Chow-time is developing in the canteen. Every inmate is on their guard. They walk by each other and say no words. First, the Aryan Comrades line up to go to lunch, then the Eight Ballas, Mexican Familia, and last are the Outsiders. The correctional officers have to rotate them each day, or else war will burst out. Tables and chairs are protected with soldiers from each ethnic group. Rey and JP are walking together side by side. They join the Mexican Familia line.


“Hey! What’s up, JP. Where you at?” An inmate tells him

“They moved Rey with me in cellblock C, so we’re cellmates. MF wanted it this way.” He says.

“That’s right! As long as you’re running with the MF, it’s all cool aye.”
Rey shrugs off the inmate. He and JP walk to get their trays from the serving table. A chef inmate stares at JP and dogs him. It was an Outsider gang member who hated the separation.


Rey slams his plate on the counter.

“Do you have a problem?”

The Outsider grabs a fork and squeezes tightly. Then, he looks over Rey’s shoulder, and one of his Lieutenants is shaking his head to calm down.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Rey said.

They walk to their area, and some of the members greet them. They are informed that a member wants to speak to Rey only. JP is forced to sit with the soldiers. Rey sees a table with only one man sitting with a bunch of soldiers surrounding him; they call El Hefe.
El Hefe is organizing the chain of command and wondering who is loyal and trustworthy to the MF. He approaches him and sits down.


“How’s it going, Rey. Did you enjoy the fight?”

“Yeah, Hefe, I did, and I’m glad we are disconnected from the others.”

He snickers and agrees.

“I have a proposal for you brother, I want to make you one of the Lieutenants in the MF. What do you say?”

He has a solid face and accepts the offer.

“However, you know our constitution: blood in, blood out. I need you to take care of one of the informants that has been talking to that frog Miller. If we want this to run it our way, we need to take out the garbage.”

Rey approves the assignment. A soldier hands him an apple that has a small razor blade shoved inside it.

“I’ll do for our race. Who is it, Hefe?”

El Hefe looks around the cafeteria and glances into the direction of his own members.

“That one.”

Rey looks across his shoulder.

Rey says, “Affirmative Hefe.”

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