The Boss: Chapter 3

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Two weeks pass, and the prison has unruffled. Each prisoner is being escorted back to their newly rearranged cellblocks. On the other hand, Rey is sitting in solitary, wearing only boxer-briefs. The cell is filthy and freezing, you can hear rodents running through the walls and chewing on the cables. A small opening is blowing frosty air. Rey remembers when he was a child, his father would wake him up at 5 a.m. to go to work. They would have to catch a ride with a bunch of his father’s friends. The place Rey hated going was the fields where they would pick fruit or vegetables. Sometimes, Rey would forget his gloves at home and have to pick with his bare hands in the freezing cold. A man is walking down each cell. Corporate Miller, a tall and strong man, is inserting the key into the hole and turns it. The big heavy door opens.


“Get up, Inmate 0-9-8-7. Put your hands behind your head, and walk back towards me.”

Rey obeys his command. Then, the correctional officer takes out his nightstick. Wham! Pow! A strike goes into Rey’s ribcage and another on his thigh. 

“This is a warning, I’m letting every inmate know that this is my prison. You guys are just the guests, agree?”

Rey is on his knees, agony is his friend right now. He nods his head.

“Good, glad we got that cleared. Now, let’s put you with your friends. I got orders that you all separated now. So sad and pathetic. Anyhow, let’s go.”

Officer Miller escorts Rey to his cell block. He whispers something into Rey’s ear.

“Keep your mouth shut, or I’ll put you in the wrong cell and see if they’ll like trespassers on their turf.”

Rey ignores him.


They enter the cell block, and the inmates are all quiet. Rey is being put into a cell with one of his gang members Joshua Parales (JP). The correctional officer uncuffs him and lets him go. Officer Miller walks away.

“You all right, aye?” JP says.

“Yeah, he just banged me up, but I’m fine. So, what’s our policy?”

JP tells Rey to sit on the bunk bed. He pulls out papers from a small hole in the wall by the toilet.


“All right, peace has been broken, and it is a good thing for everyone. Every race has agreed to stay within their own. Territories have been arranged gambling and drug dealing as well. Here is a print out of our Chain of Command and areas.”

Rey grabs the paper, and screens the Chain of Command. It has four Bosses on the top of the article, which are followed by four Generals, then four Captains, four Lieutenants, and last are the soldiers. It also shows their areas to stay away from and which areas are their territory. Rey ponders.

“Who’s, in these slots?”

JP smirks.

“We’ll find out during yard.” 

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