Super Bowl Sunday Afternoon

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Tom: Mom, what’s for dinner?

Mom washing dishes.

Mom: [sigh] I don’t know, Tom. Ask your father.

Tom walks into the living room. Dad watching television full blast.

Dad: Woohoo! Let’s get it! Come on!

Dad gets up. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

Tom: Dad, what’s for dinner?

Dad: Yeah! Touchdown! Go Niners!

Tom doesn’t know anything about football.

Tom: Dad?

Dad: Son! We’re going to the Pizza House after the 2nd quarter! To celebrate!

Moments later.

Last minutes of the 4th quarter the Niners are losing 20-31.

Tom is excited for pizza.

Tom: Dad, you ready to celebrate?

Dad: [silence] sniffs. sniffs.

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