The Boss: Chapter 2

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It’s pitch black in solitary confinement. You can hear the inmates howling and shouting through the food ports. Some of them are banging on the cell walls and causing excitement. The bloody clash between the prisoners is now considered an incomplete battle. This is only the beginning of a long-life war. Power and control ran through these inmate’s minds. They grew tired of sharing and causing problems between themselves. This attack has been set up to do only one thing…destroy the lives of men serving their time in prison. It only made things worse.


It pressured all the criminals to live in fear. Territories were made a few months ago, and drug dealing had already been arranged as well. All of the prisoners knew where to go and which areas to stay away from. Every race had its leaders and marked their territory. Each gang created a policy that they will be forced to follow. If an inmate didn’t abide by the gang’s administration, there would face severe punishment or even death. The canteen, restrooms, showers, prison cells, and the yard had to be reorganized for them. Each group had to stay within their own boundaries, or war would break out again. 


The Hispanic (Mexican Familia, MF) gang created its own plans. There is a Caucasian (Aryan Comrades, AC) gang, which also has its own policies. Then, there is an African-American (Eight Ballas, EB) gang, which, too, had their own system they had to follow. The last gang nobody considered a race because it is mixed with outside nationality that called themselves the
(Outsiders). The prison these organizations wanted to dominant is called The Warzee State Prison in California. They believed that each jail should be run by one race only; however, this is not an easy task because a piece of candy is not enough to satisfy a person needs. Sometimes they want the entire candy store.

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