The Boss: Chapter 1

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A riot is occurring in the California State Penitentiary. Many men are at war. A man named Rey Velez is fighting against anyone who gets in his way. Slam! An inmate grabs Rey from behind and throws him on the dirt. He crunches up, and three men run towards him and step on his body. Ray is defenseless and takes the beating. Correctional officers with tear gas, tasers, and night sticks and run onto the yard to halt the riot. A few minutes later, a rifle goes off. Bam! Pepper spray fills the air, and the riot stops. Blood is flowing throughout the soil. An inmate lying on the floor cold and stiff.


A strong man with three chevrons on his sleeves shouts with great anger.

“All right! Get these men into solitary, and make sure you frisk them for any weapons or contraband.”

The correctional officers zip tie some of the inmates and escort them to a single cell in the darkness. Some inmates are unconscious and lying on the floor, their clothes drenched in blood and sweat. Many of them are severely injured. Medical nurses and doctors rush to assist them on the field. You can see stretchers and EMT taking inmates to the infirmary. Officers are searching each inmate and find shanks that are made from any material you can think of.

Ray is on the floor tied up. The officer stands him up and searches him. They find nothing, and Rey is put into a solitary cell all by himself. After the battle, the sergeant walks into the warden’s office and speaks to him about the combat.


“We stopped the riot, sir, and we searched and seized all items each of the inmates were carrying or using during the conflict. Some are in solitary, and in the infirmary.”

The warden puffs on his cigar and murmurs something to the sergeant.

“What do you think the riot was about?”

The sergeant waves his hand to clear the smoke.

“I think it was about power and control of this prison, sir. An informant had mentioned that each race is starting to form their own alliance. Meaning they are separating from each other.”

He looks at the sergeant and sighs.

“You mean each ethnicity is forming their own gang? They are representing their origins.”

“Yes, sir. This is why they went to battle to break the peace and have an excuse to separate.”

The warden chuckles, while choking on his cigar smoke.

“We need to rearrange the whole prison, sergeant. We have to put each gang on separate tiers to avoid conflict. Let’s get to work.”

© Daniel Sanchez 2020

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