Micro fiction: The Substitute Part 8

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The next morning, Mr. Luna goes to the school and feels that his speech impacted the student. He walks into the classroom, and his students are all seated in their desks. Mr. Luna walks towards his desk and glances at them.

“I see now you all listened to my grasshopper speech yesterday?”

The children nod their heads. One of them raises their hand. Mr. Luna calls on him.

“Yes, do you have a question?”

The little boy stands up and bites his lips.

“Your speech made me realize that the actions we do; there are consequences. I want to thank you for making me realize it.”

Mr. Luna wants to smile, but he keeps his poker face.


“For now on, you all have a second chance. We will learn as a class, and in the end, you will accomplish your goals. We are all the same. There is no upper or lower class. We are in one class. Nobody will fail, and nobody will be left behind. We are a team, and we stick together as a team.” He shouts.

It took only one substitute to make a class realize that there is more to life than just social groups. Mr. Luna opened their minds and made them see that they can be or do anything they want to be. A great teacher on the urge to change a class one minute at a time.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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