Micro Fiction: I Love You Always

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Jaxon Wells is an 83-year-old man living in a retirement home. Some of the nurses gossip about him because of his disability. Jaxon likes to talk to the window in his bedroom. It makes him happy, so some of the staff watch him and giggle. Three years ago, He lost his partner due to heart failure. After the loss, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and talks to himself. It affected Jaxon mentally, so he prefers to be alone.

A new employee got hired to take care of Jaxon. He is a young man who works part-time at the nursing home. He cares for Jaxon and makes sure he is well-groom, feed, and comfortable.


One of the male nurses approaches the new guy. He puts his arm over his shoulders.

“That old man’s a looney, huh? He talks to random obeject and laughs. What do you think?”

The new employee takes his arm off of him.

“I’m here to make sure he is taken care of.” Then, the employee walks away.

The next day, the new employee is feeding Jaxon by hand. Jaxon starts to giggle and say, appealing things to the window.
Jaxon begins to say, “I love you always.”

The new worker gets hesitant and wants to ask Jaxon a question. He gives him a scoop of food, and Jaxon giggles.

“Say, Jaxon, who do you talk too?”

Jaxon smiles at the new worker.

“My wife.”

© Daniel Sanchez 2019