Flash Fiction: Innermost Self

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A woman named Elena Packard works at a night club. She is about 32 years old and collects government assistance for her child Angel Packard. She is a single mother, and Angel’s father ran away with another woman. 

Elena is a dishwasher and gets paid very little. Her boss and other employees often harass her. She has no choice but to work there because the boss let Elena rent an apartment at an affordable price. 

She is very poor because half of her check goes to childcare. 

It is late, and Elena is working late as usual. The club is closed, and Elena is cleaning up the dance floor, bar, and restrooms. 


When she is done with the task, she takes out the trash to the dumpsters in the back. As soon as she walks towards the alley, she notices a homeless man wearing a robe sitting on the floor. 

“Are you alright?” She says.

The man looks up to her and grins. He stands up.

“I may be to your assistance if you wish; if not, I may just sit down and wait for another moral to approach me.” 

She is perplexed by this man’s speech. Elena squints her eyes. She assumes the man is drunk and processed to accomplish her duty.

“I know who you are, Elena Packard, a woman on welfare, a single mother with a child name Angel with your last name. Your husband abandoned you two for another woman. Truly, wouldn’t you agree, indeed.” He speaks.


Elena drops the trash bags on the pavement.

She shouts, “How do you know that? Who are you!” 

He smirks and takes off the robe — a man in a bright white suit with shiny shoes that sparkle. She blinks twice and rubs her eyes. 

“Hello, I am an “Angel” from the Earth. May I offer you a decision. Good, I see you are struggling financially. Right, I assume. You have a daughter, Of course — a better life for a specific item you contain. I cannot say what the thing is, but you have it in your heart. We will agree to trade if the price is right?”

She becomes puzzled and tells him to repeat it in English. The Angel breaks it down for her.

“A better life for your innermost self?” He tells her. The Angel does not want to say what he wants. To buy her out, he takes out a briefcase and opens it. 

“Here, will this make you change your mind? Yes, indeed. How about a 5 million dollars to seal this deal?” He chuckles. 

Her eyes sparkle, in her mind, she is thinking about a better life for her daughter. Without thinking, she agrees.

“Okay, I am happy for you, your life will be much better for now on. How about we make this official.” A paper appears in his hands.

“Sign here, and this deal will change your life.” She gets excited and signs away. 


He giggles like a mad clown. 

“Thank you! Thank you! Now I have your innermost self with me. How about three years for this trade? Yes, it’s done. No need to renegotiate. Goodbye!”

Proof! He disappeared into the wind. The briefcase is in her hands, and she is excited about her new journey. 

Three years pass by, Elena is as happy as she can be. She bought a house in the suburbs, and her daughter is attending one of the top schools. She is wealthy…Then one night, Elena is in the kitchen washing dishes. The Angel appears in front of her. 

“What a beautiful house. Yes, it is, Aww your daughter is growing up so fast. Too bad, you won’t live long enough to see her grow. Now, I am here for something. Oh, yes, your soul.” 

She begs him not to do it. He looks at her and giggles. 

“That was your innermost self, remember?” She looks at him and sheds a tear. 

“A deal is a deal,” She comments.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019