Micro fiction: The Substitute Part 7

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Mr. Luna gets an ice pack from the nurse and heads back to the classroom. The class is in shock that he returned. They are speechless. Mr. Luna sits on top of his desk and looks at the children while holding the ice pack.
“I am sorry you had to witness that incident. Let me introduce myself, and my name is Dennis Luna, and I grew up in a rough neighborhood where life was very hard. When I was about your age, I was always getting into trouble and never listened to authority. I remember one time I was walking with my best friend since elementary, and you know what he did?


The class stays quiet and listens to Mr. Luna’s story.

“Well, he took out a knife and stabbed me three times on my torso. Luckily, he missed all my major organs. But, a friend that you trust for so many years does that to you.”

The entire class sigh with fear.

“The reason why he did that was a gang initiation. He choose the wrong path that led him to jail. But, I don’t know what happened to him after that.” Mr. Luna tells the teenagers.

“You have a choice, and we all do stupid stuff at times, but you can change it if you want too. Right now, you are teeangers; however when you get older, you start to realize that the world is not so nice after all. As adults, rules become more severe, and there are consequences to every action you do. So, my job here is to make sure you guys choose the right path in life. My job is to make sure you all succeed.” Mr. Luna says proudly…To Be Continued

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