Flash Fiction: The Fortune Cookie

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Ben Coby strolls into a Asian restaurant. A waitress walks up to him and seats him.

“What would you like to drink sir?”

He grabs the menu and turns to the beverage section. “Uhh. How about a coke?”

She writes it down on her notepad. “What would you like to order sir?”

“Let me have the orange chicken with white rice and a side of fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce. And for desert how about a fortune cookie.” As he winks. She writes it down and walks away.

He sits there looking around the restaurant. Ben sees pictures of samurai and dragons. An old woman approaches him.

“Choose wisely. Fortunes may come true.” Then, she walks away. Ben is confused and shakes his head. And forgets about the moment. The waitress comes back with his tray of food and soft drink.

“Thank you, I appreciate the service.” Ben says. Thirty minute pass.

“All done sir. Ahh now your ready for your desert?” He rubs his belly and nods his head.

“Yeah, the fortune cookie please?”

She hands him a bag full of fortune cookies. “Choose wisely, sir.” Then she winks at him. Ben grabs one and opens it.

You will end up in a place where everyone has no worries. Life is perfect and everybody is at peace

Ben chuckles, crumbles the paper. He pays for his meal and walks home.

He walks into to his apartment and heads to his bedroom. Ben changes into his pajamas and falls asleep on his bed.

Ben wakes up and he is standing on a cemented path. He sees a man guarding a giant gate. Ben walks towards the man.

The man looks at Ben and smiles. “You’ve made it son, come on in.” The gates open and Ben walks in.

“Where am I?” Ben says.

The man grins, “welcome to Hell, sir”

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2019


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