Flash fiction: The Substitute Part 6

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Mr. Luna is sitting next to the teenage boy, staring at his shoes. The teenager gives him a smirk.

“You like my sneakers? Or are you staring at the bloodstain?”

Mr. Luna takes a deep breath.

“You know I was a teenager once too, and let me tell you it was rough. Society was different back then. Many of us joined up to fight what we believed in.” He says.


The teenager rolls his eyes at him.

“I heard this from every teacher. Please don’t lecture me. I’m a grown teenager. I know what I’m doing.”

Mr. Luna chuckles at the boy, “Yeah, fighting in school is the right thing to do, huh? It would be best if you changed your ways, or you’ll end up like some of my friends back in high school. I get sad how they turned out…”

The teenager ignores him completely.

“How about I’ll worry about my life, and you do the same alright.” Mr. Luna shakes his head. The boy didn’t realize that his teacher is trying to put some sense into him, but there was no reasoning with the teenager’s mind. Then, the nurse comes out and calls on the student.

“Frank Garcia. Come on in.”

The teenager stands with his chin up high, while pulling his pants up and walks toward the nurse as if he just won the fight. Mr. Luna sits there in grief, wondering how a student can be so ruthless…To Be Continued


© Daniel Sanchez 2019