Micro fiction: The Substitute Part 5

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The girl is walking Mr. Luna to the nurses’ office. He asks her a question.
“How do you like the book you are reading?”
She glances at him and speaks faintly.
“It is depressing. Why do certain groups of kids tend to fight each other just because of their social statuses.”

Mr. Luna smirks. “I assume you are reading ‘The Outsiders,'” Mr. Luna says.

She looks at him. “Yes! I am reading that book, and it is ‘based’ in this school. Many children fight for no reason. Just because of the way they dress. And every social group has rules we have to abide by, or we will get punished.”

He nods his head and sees her point. Mr. Luna recalls memories of the fight earlier that the altercation was about an individual social status.

She sheds a tear, “Mr. Substitute Teacher, I come to school every day with fear, that someone might try to hurt me. My mother and father work very early and very late, and there is no one at home to take care of me. So, instead, I just read books.

Mr. Luna starts to feel sincere sympathy for the poor girl. Then, they reach the nurses’ office.

“Thank you I appreciate your help,” He says. She walks towards the classroom. Mr. Luna opens the door. He walks in and sees one of the boys, who started the altercation in the school, sitting on a chair. He gets nervous and takes a deep breath. He slowly sits next to him…To Be Continued


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