Micro fiction: The Substitute Part 4

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As Mr. Luna is approaching the student he looks over to the left across the classroom. He notices that two students are pushing each other. He shouts at them to cut it out, but they ignore him. Then, the two students start an altercation. The class gets rowdy and cheer them on. Mr. Luna runs and tries to pull them apart. One of the students, accidentally swings at Mr. Luna’s face. He gets a hand full of power. A female student runs out of the class to get the security guard in the hallway. Meanwhile, Mr. Luna is sitting on the floor, holding his head. His skull is spinning and he is a little bit unconscious. All Mr. Luna remebers is the security guards tackling the two students to break up the fight. The girl who was reading the book ask Mr. Luna if she can help him to the nurses office…To Be Continued

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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