Made My Day!

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At approximately 3:00 pm after school I was in the classroom grading papers. Today, the students had a math test and most of them passed it, which I’m really happy about. I was also grading homework assignments and then suddenly I saw a note on the table. It said, “To terchr” in the student’s writing. I was flattered when I saw this note, so I opened it. Then, I opened it and it said, “You are the best some much,” with a rainbow picture. It made me a little emotional because I am a strict teacher and a student still had the time to create this secret note. It made me think that even though I run a tight shift with the kids they still like me. I notice that many of the students come from different backgrounds. Other teachers have told me that many substitute teachers turn this class down because the children are hard to control. Administration mention that they don’t return and demand that they be taken off the list. They also told me that I have been the only one that has put up with that classroom. But, I stayed for a reason and I will write another post about this topic. However, the rule that I abide by is I treat every student the same. In the class, every student is equal. I never have favorites. Even though, these kids are a handful and a hard class to teach, I still wouldn’t trade them for another classroom.

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