Micro fiction: The Substitute Part 3

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Mr. Luna stands by the classroom. He takes a deep breath and opens the door. The desks are scattered and the students are sitting on top of them. They are loud and the entire room is a mess. The students turn there attention to Mr. Luna and giggle.

“Who’s the bozo?” One of the students shouts.

“Ehh…He ain’t going to last a week. Any bets?” A thug says.

Dennis walks in and goes straight to the teachers desk. He sees graffiti and profanity sketches on the desk. He nods his head. But, what caught Mr. Luna attention was this one student sitting in their desk reading a chapter book. He remembers the chapter book from college. With all the noise happening Mr. Luna walks towards the student and is about to ask a question…

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2019


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