The Sad Truth About Education…

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Awhile ago I used to work at a lot of different places like the fields, retail, grocery store, and security. I didn’t know much about the education system as a child or young adult. When I was working at different job sites I used to wonder why I never fell through with teaching. I always wanted to become a teacher but never went with it because I was afraid. However, as an adult I see a whole new world towards schools. Not too long ago I spoke to a teacher which was a previous co-worker, told me something that made me realize something. I have asked him what do you do with the students who don’t want to learn at all. His response was “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” He also told me if the entire class is messing around and there is one kid who pays attention, then that one kid matters. After this talk with him, it is sad to believe he was telling the truth. If a teacher explains a lesson to a group of students. And some of the students choose not to acknowledge any of it then who is to blame? I feel many parents would blame the teacher. Some teachers put many hours trying to put together a lesson plan and don’t get paid enough to finish it. Imagine spending an entire day on a weekly lesson plan. And having about 25-30 students in a class. And only about 1-4 students actually pay attention and master the lesson plan. What about the other students? I would want to hear teachers point of view because I am an educator as well and I have to accept this to be true.

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