Micro fiction: The Substitute Part 2

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The man is approaching his destination very soon. He can see children walking to school along the side walk. They have backpacks and some teenagers are in groups. He can infer that they are students. The man reaches his destination and sees that the parking lot is full. So, he parks his car by the curb.

You are wondering what this man’s name? Well, his name is Dennis Luna. And he is excited about his first day of work. Mr. Luna walks straight to the office where he enters. A secretary is sitting right beside a desk on the phone.

“Yes, sir may I help you?” She says. Mr. Luna adjust his tie and couches.

“I am a substitute teacher and I was called to cover a classroom.” He says very politely. Her expression becomes surprised. She immediately gets the folder with the lesson plans and gives it to him.

“Good luck! You’ll need it, sir!” She tells him. Mr. Luna walks out the office door and heads straight towards the classroom. He stands by the door and can hear shouting and running. Mr. Luna opens the door…and walks in.

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2019