Micro fiction: The Substitute Part 1

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A man, the age of 28 has just begun his dream job as a substitute teacher at a low income community. The class he is given has been denied by many educators in the past. This class is secondary education. The teenagers are loud and rowdy. There is a lot of horse play in there, and many of them end up in an altercation. Gang members, behavior students, and drama students take over this classroom. Many of them have talked back to every substitute they’ve encountered. They curse and speak in profanity language. An innocent man who has just graduated from a university is about to enter the education world. He is up for whatever comes to him and is ready to teach these kids.

It is morning, the man is getting ready for his first day. He shaves, irons his clothes, brushes his teeth, and polishes his shoes. He grabs his cup of coffee and walks out the door. Where he drives to the school he is about to substitute…To be continued

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2019

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