Is Technology a Bad Move to Society?

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In this day of age, has children behavior changed or has adults? We live in a era where technology has made everyone (some) slothful. When I mean everyone I also include myself in this. Technology has made the world a easier place to function and communicate. However, has it changed the mind of the children we see today? In my opinion, Social media has made children more and more self conscious of their ego and body image. I can see that in order to be “cool” in school you have to wear brand clothing, so everyone can say, “Oh, he is wearing a Gucci shirt” Or “She has the new IPhone!” The world surrounds itself with who has the better life style. Instead of focusing on education it has made children’s mind into thinking that social media is more important. What I notice is some kids cry over a tablet (cellular device) than a toy. They would rather see other children play on their tablets than themselves. What I find very fascinating is why would a child look at other children play? There is good and bad in technology. However, I am curious about your perspective?

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  1. I share the same thought with you.
    Idk what it is about our (children) watching others play through technology, but as soon as I saw my daughter watch kids play through my phone I took her tablet (which her dad bought) I was against it the whole time knowing she was 2 knowing about these things. Now she’s a Busy 5 year old I keep her as busy as possible so she has less time with my phone when she does ask for it..

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