Flash Fiction: Mr. Santos

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Mr. Santos wakes up every morning to go to work. He is a science teacher at a high school. Every morning the students taunt him and mock his lectures. He ignores there tricks and pranks because he has a secret he must tell the students, but not yet. In the end of everyday he goes home with a smile, makes his meal, then goes to bed.

The next morining, he gets ready for work, leaves his house and drives to the high school. The bell rings and he walks into his classroom. The students are sitting still on thier chairs. Mr. Santos walks to his desk and takes a seat. The chair collapse and he falls back hitting his head on the wall. He passes out and the students are laughing. Mr. Santos wakes up and gets off the floor. He doesn’t acknowledge the incident. Mr. Santos head begins to throbs. He walks out of the classroom and falls to the floor.

Three hours pass, he wakes up in the ER. The doctor walks in and gives him the bad news. Mr. Santos has a brain tumor the size of a golf ball. He ignores the doctor.

“I already knew that doctor. I don’t need to hear it again,” Mr. Santos says.

It is the end of the year and the students have made Mr. Santos year a a tough one. Throughout the school year Mr. Santos has been out many days and his appearances has changed. He is bald and has lost a lot of weight. It is the last day of school and Mr. Santos is not at school. A substitute teacher has replaced him. There is a letter that Mr. Santos wrote and wants the substitute teacher reads it to the class.

Dear Students,

I am not at school today and you are probably wondering why? Not that many of you care. I was diagnosed with brain cancer and I only had ten months to live. The pranks you students did to me hurt my feelings and I tried my best not to care and keep a smile. The lesson here is never make a person’s day a living hell because maybe the next day that person may not be here and that sorry maybe too late

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