Dark Flash Fiction: The ScareCrow Part 1

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A night of partying and drinking has to lead a group of five young adults to reside in a cornfield. Beer and cannabis light the field with aroma smells of heaven. The music is playing, and many of them are dancing around or playing a game of beer pong. Two of them wander off into the corn maze. Ava and Kai go in and start exploring; they find a barn that looks antique and full of cobwebs. The red barn has faded into a light pink, and the wood looks as if the rain has damaged it over time.

“Let’s go in. I have never been inside of a barn before.” Kai says.

He grabs her by the hand and dashes to the red building. They open the giant door and made a crack sound. Ava sees that there is a big tractor inside that has been rusted. Kai gets excited and races to the tractor. He gets inside and pretends to be a farmer.


“Ma’am, I reckon you gets’ out of my way. Farmer John is driving by. Beep, Beep.” in a playful voice. She giggles and tells him to stop playing with her like that. She wanders around the barn and sees a scarecrow sitting in a rocking chair with an evil smile on its face. Ava calls Kai over to check it out. He goes to her and examines the ugly figure. The scarecrow is wearing overhauls that are smudged with red paint. Underneath is a black checkered shirt. And it is wearing black army boots. They can also see that it is stuffed with cotton and old dried up hay.

“Wow, that thing sure is ugly. I don’t like you, Mr. Farmer. Its time for you to go,” he says. Kai grabs the figure and kicks it in the face. Then, its head falls off to the floor rolling. Worms and bugs gush out of it.

“Eww. That’s gross why did you do that Kai!” Ava shouts at him. He starts to laugh. Then, a snake comes out of its neck.
“Oh my god, Kai! Look!” she screams. He moves back and grabs Ava by that arm and yanks her away from the snake. They both sprint out of the barn. Ava and Kai head back into the corn maze.
The blackbirds start to crow, and bats are to screech in the barn. The scarecrow is in the chair, rocking it back and forth. He gets up and picks up its head off the ground. He puts it back on and walks towards the wall of the barn. He takes down a scythe that has an edge so sharp it can cut through metal. The scarecrow’s eyes turn black and evil his smile becomes a frown. It makes a dark and eerie noise and walks out into the corn maze. . .

© Daniel Sanchez 2019