Dark Flash Fiction: The Cycle

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Every night Josiah lies in a bed, sobbing his tears away. He is scared that he’ll be next in line again, so he grabs the blanket and puts it over his face. Josiah squeezes his grimy bear and closes his eyes. A sinister man holding a beer in one hand and belt in the other walks in and stomps with one foot in front of the other. He can’t keep his balance and exhales as if he were a bull.
Josiah stays motionless and tries not to make any noise. He clenches his teeth and compresses his bear.


“Come out, come out where ever you are!” the monster says. Josiah ignores him and doesn’t move a muscle under the blanket. The man sees his bed and walks towards it. He wobbles side to side and then falls to the down making a tiny earthquake. The man passes out.
Josiah gets off his bed and sprints to his mother’s room. She is on the floor, bawling her eyes out. Her face is full of bruises and a broken nose. The mother cries and tells Josiah, “I’m sorry you have to go through with this. Let’s leave; get your bag now Josiah.”
He runs to his room and carefully gets his clothes from out of the drawer and packs his garments. They both walk out of the apartment and head to the bus station. They sit on the bench, waiting for the transit to pick them up.


“Mommy, is that the last time one of your boyfriends will be mean to me?” Josiah says while weeping. The mother sniffs and pats him on the back. She kisses him and says, “Yeah, son, he is the last one for sure. I promise the next guy I find he will love you as I do.” Josiah smiles and relaxes his head on his mother’s shoulder.
Josiah’s mother promised him a good father figure, but it never happens. A single mother desperately trying to find a place to sleep every night and struggles with money tends to find men that will accept her as she is. A little boy has to suffer, along with her is innocent as a child should be. A cycle that reiterates every time his mother meets a man for food, water, and shelter.
© Daniel Sanchez 2019



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