Dark Flash Fiction: Ring Around The Rosie

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A two-story house that sits on a hill scares a bunch of people away. The windows vibrate, and the house creeks with footsteps. Many people report seeing a man run around the residence. But cannot prove it because nobody has ever attempted to enter the house until two boys decided to dare each other for the entertainment. It’s midnight, and two teenagers are about to walk-in and find out if the house is haunted. Luckily, they brought flashlights to see if it is true. 

“I dare you to call out the ghosts, man,” says the boy. 

The teenager shouts, “Holy Spirits, I call you out!” Then, nothing happens.

“Okay, nows it’s your turn,” says the other teenager. He bites his lip and takes in a deep breath.

“Hey, Mr. Ghost stop playing around and come out,” He yells with all his might. The boys both laugh and roam around the house. One of the boys points the flashlight upstairs and decides to go up. The other stays on the first floor and walks towards the kitchen. 


The boy upstairs goes into a playroom and sees a little girl playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie with a giant clown. The boy freezes and can not talk. 

The little girl and clown stop playing. They turn their attention to him. 

“Cat got your tongue little boy? Come play with us,” the smiling clown giggles. The clown’s arm extends and grabs the teenager by the throat. The boy’s eyes turn black and the clown pulls him in slowly. The boy begins to play the game. The creepy clown has taken his soul. 

Downstairs the other teenager walks into the kitchen. The setting becomes clean and luxury. He can see his friend cooking a meal. 


“Hey man, what the heck are you doing?” he says to his friend. 

“I’m cooking a meal for both of us. Aren’t you hungry?” he replies in a deep, terrifying voice. He looks over his cooking and can see body parts in the frying pan.

“Dude, stop being weird! You’re freaking me out!” cries the teenager. A finger taps him in the shoulder. He turns around and sees a giant clown standing behind him. Then, his body becomes paralyzed, and he can not speak. The clown grabs his throat and sqeezes until his skull pops.

“Hmm. I suppose a cat got your head. Come along; we will all play Ring-Around-The-Rosie together.” The headless boy walks with the clown upstairs. An evil laugh is heard throughout the house.

In the end, the boys got what they ask for. They shouted out a spirit, and instead, they called out a wicked clown that loved to dance. The clown took their souls to play a game of Ring-Around-The-Rosie…

© Daniel Sanchez 2019



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