Flash Fiction: The Observation

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A woman named Alice White sits in her bathtub every night hugging a double-barrel weapon. Alice was given medication to control her symptoms. However, she no longer receives her medication. She has been locked up in the room for about a week. So, she becomes paranoid. The lady begins to have schizophrenia and hears noises that are not there. She sometimes hears voices that tell her to do terrible things. They also tell her to harm objects or herself. So, to keep herself sane, she has to lay in the bathtub to sleep. The room she is staying in makes squeaky sounds from time to time. She gets paranoid and closes her eyes holding the double-barrel firearm when she is scared. Then a voice pops to her head. 

Alice, shoot the wall, you will love the sound it makes. . .


She clenches her teeth, cracking one of her molars. Alice yells, “Stop it! Stop it! Stop talking to me!” She begins to weep and slaps her head multiple times. There is a widow in the bathroom and has a green light blinking. Alice’s voices come back to her. 

They are watching you, Alice, shoot yourself before its late. . . 

Instead, she puts the weapon to her mouth and pulls both triggers. There is no sound or explosion. There were dummy rounds in the shotgun the whole time. 


“She broke down, get her out, and throw her on the street. No one will believe her about this experiment.” An eerie man says. 

A team of men enters the room wearing hazmat suits. She begins to scream and fight off them off. One of them grabs her and escorts her to an unmarked van. The van travels out of the facility and drops her off in the street as if she were trash. They drive off and head back to the secret facility — a homeless woman who is going to be identified as crazy to the public. 


Before this experiment, Alice White participated in an experiment; in return, she would be given $500,000 if she succeeded. She would be given pills to take to see if she can recall memories from her past. However, the pills were to observe the side effects of LSD. The men were curious about what will happen if a person overdoses on this “medication”. They set up a restroom and hid a shotgun with dummy rounds in the cabinets. They installed a microphone by the window that would tell her to do things. The test was to see how far it would take for a human to break. In this observation, there is no reward or success but an evil experiment to test human subjects. . .

© Daniel Sanchez 2019



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