My First Job

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A few years ago I can recall my very first job right out of high school. I remember my friend Burrito and Felix told me that their boss (Don Robert) needed more people for field work. Well, eventually they convinced me to go meet with Burrito’s father (Antonio) because he worked and knew the boss very well. When I met with his father he told me yes and the job was picking grapes. I live in the Central Valley where there is field work everywhere. He said that he will pick me up around 6 in the morning. But, there is a catch, you see whenever you work in the fields the workers all ride together in a van or take their own car. So, if you are a passenger you have to pay around $7 dollars each day to ride along. It depends on how you look at it, I mean $7 x 6 days is $42 dollars extra for the driver or minus for the passenger. So, it will benefit the driver by having extra money in their pocket plus the field work they do. As for the passenger they save their car’s functions because it gets really dusty there and their car will last longer. So, when I was talking to my friends father and he was telling me that they don’t work by hours. I learned that there are two options when you work in the fields. There is hours where a worker gets paid by the hour. It is a total of 8 hours. The way the boss worked was he did contract. Contract was you make how much you want a day. Each box was $1.75 and it had to weight about 25 lbs. They even had scales to make sure it was the exact weight. So, I would make around ~15 boxes a day because it was hard work and because I was slow. Also, they paid cash. It was under the table but money is money. They give us a wheelbarrow and bins to fill up so we can clean cut the grapes and put them in the cardboard boxes. I did this for about three months six days and believe me it was tough. I would see young children working with their parents on Saturday. And some people there have no choice but to work there for the rest of their life lol So, whenever I pass by field workers in the fields busting their butt I give them much respect because they have to get up very early to go to work and sometimes they have to drive for an hour to be at a specific field. I am very lucky I work indoors and appreciate every moment of it there. My current job consist working with children at a elementary school and believe me I am thankful for it.

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