Micro Fiction: Attention, Yes Please!

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A beautiful woman dressed in a skirt and stilettos is walking down the street when a man that is hanging out with his friends in front of a meat store whistles at her.

“Hey toots, how’s it goin ehh,” as he giggles. She turns back and wink at him. The man blushes and falls in love.

The next day, the same woman is walking by wearing a red dress with black stilettos. The same man looks at her as she walks by.

“Hey toots, lookin’ good today ehh,” as he blushes. She turns back and blows a kiss to him with her red lips. The man instantly becomes bashful and turns red.

The next day, the man has build up courage to speak to the woman. As she passes by again the man approaches her.

“Hey toots, whatcha’ name? I kinda’ likea’ you ehh,” the man stutters. The woman flips her hair back and blushes. The woman grabs his hand and speaks.


“My name is Florence” in a deep manly voice. He steps back from her. The man’s pride shatters. He turns around and covers his face with one hand. His friends giggle at him and will never forget that moment in his life. The man is embarrassed in front of his friends. He was asking for attention and he got it. A story that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019