Micro Fiction: New Life

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The heavens are lighten with beautiful stars. In the vast of space a craft is traveling at an accelerated speed. In this spaceship, a man is being held prisoner and has been accused of treason to his native planet. He is sentence to be isolated on an unknown planet where he shall learn to survive. The punishment seems fair and this is not the first nor the last time this regime has done this to its own people.

The spaceship finds a planet that has been isolated for approximately five millions years. They approach the planet and decide this is the planet the man shall reside. The spacecraft goes through the atmosphere and land on a grassy field next to a waterfront.

“Will I be given tactical weapons or any technical supplies to survive here?” The prisoner says to the crew members. They look at his dirty clothing and his shoes.

“No! You betrayed our planet now you must learn to survive without digital devices. We were told that your rights have been striped from you,” One of the crew member replied. The prisoner thought this is harsh punishment and wonders how dangerous the planet can be.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot, our leader wanted us to give you a message. Die With Honor.” The crew members chuckled. The prisoner rolls his eyes and the door opens. He can smell the air and he can feel how pure it is. They push the prisoner to the floor and immediately shut the door. The spaceship disappears into the sky.

The prisoner is alone and scared. It is quiet and he can see creatures flying in the sky. He walks to the water and becomes anxious because of the noise. His fears take over him.

A month passes by and the man has learn to adapt to the environment. He is inland and has found that the planet contains food and water that is safe to eat. He realizes that the planet is not as bad, but he misses communicating with people.

The man is walking through the forest when all of a sudden he hears a noise coming from the bushes. He approaches it with a spear that he made from a tree branch and stone.

“Hey! Come out of there!” The man shouts. A being jumps out of the bushes. He becomes bewildered of what he sees. It’s is a woman who looks dirty and briefly dressed in brown leather. Her hair is frizzy and her skin is pale with mud stains. She can speak but not the mans language so she uses gestures to communicate very briefly.


“Who are you and what is your purpose here?” The prisoner tells the woman. She stays quiet and moves her hands side to side. The man is confused. “Ahh… I take it you do not speak my language. Hmm… What is your name the ?” The prisoner says fearfully. She doesn’t understand and stares at his space boots. The man try’s a technique that many people take it as a universal sign. He pounds his chest with his fist and says, “Adam and you are?” She looks and acknowledges his gesture. He does it a few times and the woman mimics him. Adam does it a last time and the woman softly pounds her chest and says, “Eve” Adam gets excited and tells her, “So Eve what shall we call this mysterious planet? Any ideas?” The woman blurts our a word. Adam tells her to repeat it which takes a few minutes. Eve says, “Errr-th” Adam smiles. “Great name, we shall call this planet Earth” he says enthusiastically. They hold hands and Eve shows Adam a apple tree. She rips one of them off and gives it to Adam to eat. Adam and Eve are going to celebrate their first encounter on Earth.

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2019