Flash Fiction: The Mysterious Substance

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The night is gloomy, and a man sits under a bridge that is known for being a drunk. His name is Roger Keller (63) and often sleeps under a specific deck and loves to drinks hard liquor to stimulate his mind. Roger is drunk and wobbly at the moment he is walking and falls by the bank of the river when suddenly he sees a metal container in the water that is glowing. He sticks his hand in the icy water and pulls it out. Roger shakes the metal capsule to get the water off. It burns blue and has strange hyroglifics on it. He opens the container with his wet hands, and the ooze turns red. Roger immediately closes it, and it turns blue again. He rubs his eye and wipes his mouth because he is nervous about the substance.


He opens it once again and stares at it. Roger bites his lips and decides to touch the ooze inside the container. He pulls his sleeve up and dips one finger in the canister. Then, his finger sucks the red slime into his bloodstream. Roger feels a light pinch in his hand. His brain starts to recall childhood memories and then vanish. Roger screams in pain, and the oozy substance is taking over his whole physique. He falls on one leg and starts to vomit all the alcohol that he had in his system. Roger body goes through a strange modification. He faints and collapses on the dirty floor.


He is deep asleep and is dreaming about a moment in his childhood. Roger recall his father being very abusive, and his mother is watching him cry. Roger is so scared and that he runs away from his father’s belt. The dream feels so real that he can almost live it again. He goes into his room and grabs his teddy bear for protection. Then, he goes back to his older self, laying on the muddy floor. He coughs and throws up once more. Roger recalled the memory so well that he can remember his father was an abusive man. His mother would never intervene because she was always under the influence of narcotics. He dips his finger again, and the same reaction happens.


Roger recalls a memory in high school when he was getting beat up by a group of people in the hallway. The other students are looking at the fight, and none of them are jumping in to help him. Roger is in a fighting stance and gets blindsided to the face. He falls to the floor and then wakes up from his memory. Then, he reaches in the canister once more. Roger is a young adult, and he is in prison, and he is in the lunchroom eating with his friends when suddenly an enemy runs up to Roger and stabs him multiple times in the back. He fights back, and the correctional officer sprays pepper spray on him and his enemy. Then, he comes back to his setting. Roger realizes that his life was horrible and decides to do one thing. He throws the canister back in the river and comprehends that maybe some memories are met to be forgotten. Roger lived a rough past and didn’t like the memories he was seeing. He made a choice not to remember all the bad things that have happened in his life.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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