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Today, at the middle school, a kid came up to me and asked me a question that baffled me. I was in the cafeteria walking around, making sure the children aren’t horsing around or throwing food. Well, I came across a student, and they asked, “Mr. Sanchez, a drug dealer sells drugs, and a pharmacist sells drugs. What is the difference?” “There is no difference because they both sell drugs that are bad for you,” I told the student.


This question got me thinking because a drug dealer sells narcotics that stimulate your mind or can cause you to do bad things. I understand that a drug dealer sells them illegally. However, a pharmacist also sells drugs that are often abused by some people, and it too can lead them to do dangerous things. Not all drugs are harmful to you, and some can benefit you like penicillin, etc. So, this question got me thinking of how alcohol is sold. Also, how cannabis is now legal where I am from, they sell it, but the regime taxes it. The government tax this drink so people can have a good time. They also impose cannabis so people can have a good time. But it tremendous qualities it can kill you or other people well only alcohol. What are your thoughts, friends?

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  1. If you consider the fact that millions live longer than ever before in history then we must admit that medicine has greatly benefited mankind.
    We may have turned a corner because bacteria are fast becoming resistant to antibiotics and the big drug companies appear to be dragging their heels and not investing in finding new ones.

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  2. Here in the UK a doctor has to prescribe certain drugs before you can get them from the pharmacist. The problem is doctors freely prescribe some drugs that are addictive and they also over prescribe antibiotics.
    Human nature tends to think what makes me feel good must be good for me and therein lies the problem with recreational drugs like alcohol and cannabis.

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  3. Well, you didn’t lie — BUT, you may have thought about saying it a little differently, “There is no difference because they both sell drugs that MAY be bad for you BUT ONE IS LEGAL AND THE OTHER IS NOT.” This might be a great time to teach kids the complexities of nuance. Grey lines. Pros and cons to both situations. Truth is, sometimes things are black and white, but sometimes they are not. And this is one of those times. If we’re in the position to influence young minds, then lets embrace the moments as they come. Sometimes I like to tell my niece, “You know what? Great question. Let me think on it a bit and get back to you.” That way, we can take a breath, think about the ramifications about what we’re about to say, and use the moment for an even bigger lesson. Hmmm. Well, that’s just my take anyways. Nice to “meet” you!

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  4. Drug policy makes no sense but as a teacher, you have to be careful about sharing your views, I’d guess. Alcohol harms many more people than cannabis, for instance, yet one is legal, the other not. The West once fought a war with China in defence of the opium trade, now it fights against it!

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  5. Many governments require certain dyes to be added to cheaper/lesser taxed fuel types identical to what you can run your car on, so that if detected by an inspection you can receive hefty fines. Even if a drug dealer was distributing aspirin, in many countries that is illegal unless you’re a licensed pharmacist. It wasn’t until 2011 that Russia had beer legally changed from a soft drink to an alcoholic beverage. In some countries it’s illegal for unmarried couples to hold hands in public. It’s not so much about what’s right and wrong, generally it’s about taxes, appealing to the masses (for reelection) and the presence of layers of bureaucratic control that implicate a citizen in a day-to-day sense to keep the bulk of the population in line. An “ideal society” sits somewhere in between totalitarianism and anarchy/disorder. I would love to own a pet rhinoceros and ride it around the neighborhood, flipping cars. But I respect the laws of the land enough to put that dream on hold.

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