Flash Fiction: Reality

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Donnie Martinez lives in a reality where everyone seems to hate him because of his attitude. Don is a middle-age man that tends to work from job to job. For the time being, he works as an accountant at an office that he wishes it were more high class. Don also loves to argue with his employees at work and people he does not know, and he feels he is always right. One time Donnie was in the bar drunk as a mule and was cursing out everyone in his sight. Don thought the people at the bar owe him a favor and everyone should buy him drinks. Well, the night ended with Donnie having his mouth busted and a big black eye for months. From Donnie point of view, he feels that the world will never understand him. 

Donnie is walking to work one afternoon. His car had been towed away by a coding officer because he didn’t want to pay the meter. So, Donnie is stick walking and angry. He passes by an alley and sees a purple light shining by a dumpster. Don approaches the shiny light and sees that the view looks like a portal to another dimension. A strange being comes out of the portal and stares at Donnie.


“What the heck? What is this and who are you,” Donnie shouts. The being bows down and introduces himself.

“I am the Arc Angel, and I’m here to question your reality,” the Arc Angel says in an eerie voice. Don wipes his bald head and wipes his mouth with his hand. 

“What do you mean my reality?” he says. The Arc Angel takes out two pills one is green, and another is red. 

“Take the green pill, and your life will become much better than it is now. Take the red pill, and it will do absolutely nothing. Make a choice Donnie.” The Angel tells him. Donnie bites his lip and chuckles.

“Red pill does nothing, and the green pill makes my life better? Hmm, that’s an easy choice.” He snatches the green pill and swallows it whole as if he were a child eating candy. Then, the Arc Angel smiles and goes back into the portal. It disappears, and Donnie is excited about what life might bring him. Instead of going to work, he heads straight home to take a nap. 


The next morning he wakes up and feels the same. He gets angry and felt as if he been cheated on a scam. He gets ready for work at walks outside the door. Donnie sees that the world is still spinning and walks to the curb to call for a taxi. The drivers ignore him; he gets frustrated and yells at a random guy walking by him. The man ignores him too. Don walks to work and sees that no one is paying attention to him. He figured they are jealous because Don took a pill that is going to make his life a lot better. He walks into work and sees that his office plaque has a different name on it. Don blood boils and goes straight to his manager; He loses his cool and goes off on her, wondering why he has been replaced. She too ignores him as well. Don shouts at the entire office building, and still, nobody turns to look at him. 

“WHY ISN’T NOBODY TALKING TO ME!” he shouts in a high pitch voice. He saunters to the restroom and breaks down on the floor. A man walks in and does his business on the toilet. Donnie is on the floor, looking at the man.

“Hey! Can’t you see I am in here!” The man walks out and doesn’t see Don. Then the Arc Angel appears in front of Don. He yells and says what is going on in his life. The Arc Angel looks at him.

“You chose to make your life better, and that choice was to put you in a reality where you never existed. I gave you the option, and you chose your path.” She says in a low tone of voice. 

Don grabs his face and weeps. He thought his life would be better by taking the green pill, but he never knew the consequences of his reality. Don now has to suffer in a reality where no one can see him. The Arc Angel gave him a choice, and he chose the right one…

© Daniel Sanchez 2019



  1. Your style writing in the 3rd person provides insight into the mind of your protagonist. You use that POV well.
    The choices with the pills reminded me of the Matrix, but it had a different outcome. I also thought Don had died in his sleep, but the new reality was worse than death.
    Nice job.

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