Micro Fiction: Madam Moni

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Madam Moni is an unique woman that claims to be from the future. She has a false gadget that can read people’s palm. However, she is a scammer and only uses this device to make people’s believe their future. Well, only the bad readings not the good ones. In return, she charges a hefty price for every reading. She relies on luck and makes a huge profit at the end of the day. Madam Moni has been using this technique since the day she encountered a generation where many humans are naïve.


All the people anticipate that she is legit and often pays random people for good reviews. One night she is alone in her house drinking a cup of tea. There is a knock on her door. She walks over and opens it. There is a woman standing at her door way. The woman is wearing a dark hoodie with strange symbols on it.

“Hello, may I help you?” Madam Moni says. The strange woman walks in and goes straight to the couch.

“Umm…Okay you can come in. Do you want something to drink miss?” Moni speaks in a low tone of voice. The woman ignores her and speaks faintly to her.


“Let me read you Madam Moni,” she says.

Madam becomes amused and holds her hand out.

“Ha…Okay read me, I give you my permission,” she chuckles. Madam walks to the couch and sits next to her. She becomes anxious.

The mysterious woman takes out a device and places it on her hand. Then, a spark appears and Madam Moni eyes start to dilate. The session lasts for about ten minutes.


Moni wakes up from the couch alone and confused. The strange woman is no where to be seen. She starts to cry and realizes it was a nightmare. The vision she saw was unpleasant and scared Madam Moni to death.

The next morning, Madam Moni is couching blood and her whole body aches. She goes straight the doctor and spends about five hours there. Moni is in waiting room and the doctor comes with bad news.


“Moni, I don’t know how to put this, but your heart is failing and it is too late. The only thing we can do is assemble a room at the hospital, and make you as comfortable as possible.” The doctor says in a depressed voice.

Three months pass by and Madam Moni is the hospital bed slowly leaving the world when a woman in at the dark hoodie comes in the room. Moni is weak and can barely talk. The woman reveals herself to Moni.

“Madam Moni, may I ask what your reading was?” the mysterious woman asks her.

A woman who got a real reading of her own future. . .

© Daniel Sanchez 2019