Micro Fiction: Classified

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The future is coming, and man has discovered a cure for one of the deadliest virus humans have come in contact with. The man is a scientist with big square glasses and wears a white lab coat. He walks out of his laboratory and is anxious.

A guard is at his door. “Stop right there and show me your identification pass!”

The scientist shows him his badge and gets nervous. He is holding the cure in a laboratory tube.

“What have you discovered brainiac?” The guard chuckles. The scientist smiles and shows him the tube.

“I’ve discovered a cure for the virus going around in the world, sir. This will change our lives.” He says very bluntly. The guard squeezes his rifle and bites his lip.

“Go show this cure to our superior. Tell him what it is for.” The guard says in a low tone of voice. The scientist walks in and can see that his superior is sitting in his desk smoking a fat cigar.

“Sir, I have discovered a cure that may help the world. It can save many lives.” The scientist calmly says. The man puffs his cigar and stares at the lab tube in the scientist’s his hand.

“A cure for this virus I suppose?” The leader says. He grabs the tube and examines it in his hands.

“Yes! It is! When should we tell the public?!” The scientist shouts with excitement. Then, the chief throws the tube on the floor and it shatters. The scientist face sadden with fear.

“We can’t let this leave our facility, let me tell you why. The world is over populated and the economy is going down hill. Imagine what would happen if there were a cure. More pollution, unemployment rate will rise, and money value will decrease. So, go back to your laboratory and pretend this never happened. Maybe the world is not ready for this cure yet.” The commander says in a not humorous way.

The scientist thinks about how over population has ruin the Earth. More people equals more pollution. A discovery may not be a miracle but a device to add more pressure to the Earth. A secret government that has discovered many cures for disease and viruses chooses not to expose them for safety reasons…

© Daniel Sanchez 2019