Flash Fiction: The Conspiracy

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A school, that has been marked with a crummy reputation tends to scare many teachers away. The rating of this school is below average and students are rebellious. The staff goes to work just for the paycheck and are told to keep their mouth shut.


It is August and the new year has just begun. A teacher name Mr. Franco who has been working at the school for fifteen years. He is paid the most out of all the teachers and is ranked the number one educator at the district. He is very polite and very bold at the same time, so you either like him or hate him. Some people think that his salary is outrageous and should be lowered. The employees respect him as a noble man. But some students disagree that Mr. Franco is a ducky teacher, and often try to taunt him in any way they can. The staff says hello and cheers on Mr. Franco from time to time. The students and principal, however usually curse and disrespect him as if he was a nobody.

Mr. Franco is teaching his class. Until he got a note from the principal’s office which read, “See me after school in my office ASAP.” The day goes by and Mr. Franco is in the principal’s office. He becomes nervous as if he were a student at the school. The principal walks in and silent arose Mr. Franco.


“Mr. Franco, we had some complaints about you and I’m worried that you may get fired from these grievances. You agree?” The chunky man says to Mr. Franco. He looks at the floor, wondering what is going on.

“Sir, what complaints are you talking about? I haven’t said or done anything wrong?” Mr. Franco shrugs his shoulders. The principal becomes irritated by the tone of voice and slams a pencil on the desk.

“You know what I don’t like your attitude towards the staff and myself! This is the reason many people complain about you!” The principal shouts while spitting. But Mr. Franco ignores his remark.


“I am here for the student’s, sir! I need to be firm because everyone here does not discipline the students! We are known for having a bad reputation and the way things are going around here this school is falling apart!” Mr. Franco shouts. The principal stares at Mr. Franco’s eyes and then his tie. He smirks and nods his head up and down as if he is agreeing with him.

“Tell you what Mr. Franco. I’ll do my job and you do yours okay? I see we are done here.” The principal’s smiles. Mr. Franco goes home.


Mr. Franco wakes up the next morning and gets ready for work. He walks out the door and sees that his vehicle has been vandalized. The tires are slashed and his windows are busted. The vehicle also has dents and spray paint. He calls the police and they can not do anything because there is no suspects. Mr. Franco calls a taxi for a ride and went to school. He walks into his classroom and it also has been vandalized. His desk is shattered and the white board is full of graffiti. The tables are broken in half and all the paper work is scattered all over the room. He complains to the principal and the only words he can tell him is “No evidence.”

A month passes and his car gets vandalized every other day. Just the tires get slashed and Mr. Franco is over with the school system. The police doesn’t do much or the school. In the end he quits his job and goes to another school to work.

It is after hours and the principal is staying later after school. He meets up with a few students that are gang affiliated in the hallway.

“He’s gone now, just tell me who is next?” A soft voice says.

“Until next time, I’ll just hire you boys to get rid of teachers who get out of hand. Here is twenty dollars. Now get out of my face.” The principal’s says. The boys walk away with the money and are satisfied.

A school that has a bad reputation that also has a crooked principal with a terrible attitude. Mr. Franco was forced to leave because of all the destructions happening. Administration had the upper hand and did this to teachers who they wish to get rid of. A conspiracy?

©️ Daniel Sanchez