To My Followers…I Am Sorry

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Hello Followers,

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting flash fiction stories. I recently had a tragic experience in my life. Someone slashed my tires and I don’t know why it happened, The incident happened on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. I believed it happened during the night and I was very angry that it happened to me. I live in a bad area and I never had a problem with anyone until Tuesday. I called the sheriff and they didn’t do much. They took pictures and marked it as an unknown suspect. I am sorry that I have been off the radar, but I will post as soon as I can. It is hard when a tragic thing happens to someone. I believe that what ever goes around comes around. I also had to move out of my apartment and move to another location. I have been moving for the past days and it is a struggle. Thank you for following my blog and I am thankful you like my stories or read them. You are the best!

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  1. I am so sorry😢. Don’t let this rattle you. Use it in your stories. I can see about five potential ones!! Whoever did this…did it to your car…not you. Feel sorry for them…you have so much more than they do…Also…I sure hope you had insurance…Write one sentence… you’ll feel better ❤️

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement Tina! Luckily I did but I can not reside there no more because I have a feeling that they will keep doing it just for the joke. I will take your advice and once again thank you 🙏🏻


  2. Sorry to hear the bad news. I appreciate you telling us why you’ve been away but don’t worry about it. We will wait for your return when you can focus. Is it possible to see your car from your apartment? If so Id suggest getting a Wyze cam. It’s a wired indoor cam that you could put by the window. It’s clear, has night vision, and 720p. The best part is the cost. between 20 and 30 dollars. Check out on youtube. I have 3 of them myself. Can you insure your car for vandalism? That might differ the cost next time if its not too expensive. Glad you reported it. It can help you build a case later if the person is caught.
    Hang in there my friend.


    1. Thank you for the support Darnell Cureton. My vehicle is 50 feet from apartment complex. And I can not see my car. I am going to invest in getting a Wyze and I am going to install cameras just for the future apartment I will get. Luckily I did have insurance on the tires, but what made me sad is why would a person vandalized a vehicle? For fun and games I assume. It scared my wife tremulously and she insist we leave that place for good. But thank you Darnell for the support and advice. 🙏🏻


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