Flash Fiction: Illicted Act

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Sawyer Wilkins is a young man who attends a high school that has a bad reputation. Sawyer is an innocent teenager who plays sports. He loves to play football, wrestling, and track. Sawyer always remembers to put his academics first before games. But wrestling was his first sport to compete. He has a scholarship waiting for him after he graduates. However, when it comes to sports; everyone is jealous of Sawyer god-given ability.


It is winter, and Sawyer has made it to state championships. He has won many tournaments before, but this one was a tough match. Sawyer is wrestling the top student in the state and is struggling to pin him down. He goes for a takedown, and his opponent falls back. A few seconds, Sawyer pins him on the floor, and the referee counts, “1…2…3!” Sawyer wins the match, and his teammates are shouting his name.


That night, Sawyer and teammates go out for the night to celebrate. One of his friends has a brother who works at a bar that will let them enter illegally. The boys have a good time and drink up like older men. Sawyer and two of his friends walk behind the building. They are in an alley full of trashcans and dirty mice roaming on the dumpsters. One of his friends takes out a blunt from his pocket and hands it to Sawyer.
“Here Sawyer takes a hit since you won state champion,” he says. Then Sawyer thinks twice and denies the offer.
“Aww come on, don’t be a weenie, Mr. State Champion,” the boy shouts.
Sawyer looks at his friends and grabs the joint. He lights it and inhales three puffs. Sawyer starts feeling the effects immediately. His vision becomes bloodshot red, and his vision is bloodshot. The boys begin to giggle at him. Sawyer also starts to laugh with them.


Then, a police car drives up to them with its lights on, flashing blue and red. He gets off of his vehicle.
“What is going on here, boys?” the policeman says. The boys stay quiet, but Sawyer begins to mock the officer. His friends tell him to be quiet and relax. The officer looks at Sawyer and smirks.
“What is your malfunction little boy!” he screams. Sawyer laughter grew, and can’t help it. The policeman gets offended and takes out his nightstick.
“You have two seconds to wipe that smile and laughter off your face!” the officer shouts.


Sawyer doesn’t comply. The cop swings his nightstick and strikes Sawyer on the thigh, and he drops to the floor and screams in pain. The policeman does not stop from there, so he keeps beating Sawyer until he is satisfied. Sawyer’s friend run away and leave him with the hazardous man. The cop doesn’t pay much attention to them as they runoff.
The next morning, Sawyer is in the hospital with a broken spine, femur, and fractured ribs. His friends never told anybody about the incident because they were envious of his scholarship. They denied everything that happened. As for Sawyer, he does not have to ability to speak or move. What the cop did was ruin an innocent teenagers career. Did Swayer have friends or jealous peers that wanted to destroy him? The old saying goes, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. A state champion who has to live the rest of his life on a bed…

© Daniel Sanchez 2019




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