Micro Fiction: What If?

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It is 1946, and a boy has to wake up every morning at about 7:00 a.m. He dresses in his school uniform, polishes his shoes, combs his hair, and stands at attention. The pupil salutes his father and mother goodbye and proceeds to school. He walks along with a group of other children that also attend the school. They walk in and salute the instructor and their peers. Boys go to one school, and girls go to another. The schools have specific rules in the classroom. The children have to follow them, and if they disobey to break the rules, they will be severely punished. If rebellions were to happen, it would be put to an end faster than anyone knows it. These schools are run by a political party that had been in war since 1939. They won in 1945 and created a whole new system that the world has to follow. Children become soldiers, while men run the regime. The little boy arrives home from school and speaks to his parents while standing at attention, “Father, Mother, I am relieved that we conquered the war, I could not have imagined if we would have lost World War II.”

© Daniel Sanchez 2019


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