Flash Fiction: The Specter

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Veronica Julians lives in a beautiful house with her husband. She lives a happy life with him, and nothing can ruin it. Veronica does not work; instead, she is a housewife, and her job is to take care of the house. She does her daily chores and makes sure the house is clean. Her husband works, but sometimes he comes home very late. Every time he comes back from work, she is fast asleep. Veronica always tries to tell him goodbye, or I love you, but he never hears her when he walks out the door.

The next day, her husband puts up a for sale sign outside the house. Veronica sees outside and becomes confused. She is curious about why her husband wants to sell the house. It is late, and Veronica has stayed awake to wait for her husband. He comes home and goes straight to the room and lays down on the bed.


“Honey, may I ask why are you selling the house?” Veronica ask.

He says nothing, and sobs away. Veronica wonders why her husband is crying.

“Honey, are you alright?” she says in a soft tone. But he does not answer back and falls asleep.

The next morning, her husband stayed home from work. Veronica wakes up and sees that her husband is in the living room consulting with a woman. Veronica approaches them and introduces herself, but the woman ignores her too. She sits on the couch and overhears their conversation.


“Sir, I understand why you have to sell the house. I am also sorry to hear that your wife passed away last month.” The woman tells Veronica’s husband. Veronica becomes and shock and can’t believe her ears. She gets up and screams in her husband face, “Talk to me! Please say something back!” He does not acknowledge her and continues to talk to the lady.

As for Veronica, she sits on the couch whimpering the rest of the conversation. . . A ghost who still had unfinshed business in the mortal world.

Β© Daniel Sanchez 2019



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