Flash Fiction: The Green Eye Monster

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The day is clear, and the weather has a light breeze. Two men are fishing along the riverbank. Their names are Timothy and Gregory. These two men have been fishing together since they were in grammar school. Tim and Greg are like brothers.
The two men are fishing. They laugh and drink their beverages while talking about football. Tim and Greg always argue when it comes to sports. Tim feels a hard pull on his rod. “Hey! I caught something huge, Greg!” He shouts. Tim starts to struggle, and it feels like he is pulling a hundred pounds. Then, Tim begins to yank and pull the rod towards his chest. He starts walking back to remove the monster fish.
“Aw, come on Tim, you can do it. Are your hands delicate?” Greg laughs at Tim. So, Tim gets irritated and pull the fishing rod as hard as he could. Then, finally, Tim wins the battle.
The two men are shocked by what they see. “Tim, what is that?” Greg whispers.


“It looks like a gold plated fish,” Tim replies. What these two men found was a fish made of gold, and they have never seen anything like that. All of a sudden, the goldfish starts to vomit gold coins. These coins were plain and 24k solid gold. Tim is exhilrated by what he caught. On the other hand, Greg is a bit envious of his findings.
“Here, Greg, take some gold coins with you so that you can buy your wife and kids stuff,” Tim says. Greg takes the coins and smirks.
“Hey, what are you going to do with the goldfish, Tim?” Greg says.
“Ha! I am going to keep it in my backyard and make a massive pond for it. I can finally have my big break!” Tim screams with excitement. Greg bites his lip and stares at the goldfish.


A month has passed, and Tim is living the fabulous. He has luxury items and remodels his entire house. Tim lives in a mansion with exotic racecars and a fish that give him gold coins. Greg has grown envious and hates Timothy lifestyle, so he plans to terminate the goldfish.
Later in the night, Greg sneaks into Tims yard to eliminate the fish in the pool. Of course, Tim has a security system that has his precious item locked. Greg takes out his firearm to shoot the fish, but there is plated glass covering it. He begins to yell and fire at the same time. Timothy comes out of his house. Greg sees him and fires his pistol at him. . . Greg and Tim were best friends for a long time. Tim caught something that made Greg go insane. Sometimes, jealousy can ruin a friendship.

© Daniel Sanchez 2019



  1. You can try to be a Good Person and do good deeds for people, you just never know how they will respond to it . The mind has power .
    This is Great ! So proud of you

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  3. It could have been the wife or kids coming out of the house. Greg was totally in the wrong. I wish Timothy shared more with his friend even though he didn’t have to. Jealousy affects everyone in some way.

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