Micro Fiction: Marred

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Marlene Vargas is a spoiled little girl. Marlene is 6 years-old and cries when things don’t go her way. Marlene also had a short temper and gets furious at people. She has a father who doesn’t pay attention to her too, so he lets her do whatever she wants. He believes that one day he will have his big break and be a millionaire. Her mother works but wishes she can stay home full-time. They never correct her and let her get her way. The mother thinks Marlene is the perfect child in the world.


Every time, Marlene visits her grandparents house she’s brags and demands everyone to do as she say, including her family members. Marlene’s parents are teaching their child to be bold and not afraid to talk back.

Marlene is 12 years-old and has a bad attitude towards her parents. She rebels and does whatever she wants. Her parents are older now and can’t really do anything anymore. So, they let her be. She is pushy and dates boys who are twice her age. Marlene keeps secrets from her parents and does drugs from time to time. And her mother still thinks she is the perfect


Marlene is 36 years old and her parents are deceased. She is alone and doesn’t know what to do. Marlene has to rely on men so she can survive. Her cousins, uncles, aunts have turned their backs on Marlene because of her bad attitude. She is now homeless and sleeps around with men to have accesses to food, water, and shelter. She regrets her terrible attitude and wishes she could have changed it.

A young girl who was raised spoiled who turned out to be a failure in life. Marlene was given everything as a child and teenager. She is now an adult and can’t survive alone. Marlene has never been independent. Her mother passed away thinking she was still the perfect child.

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  1. Totally in agreement with the thought shweta got in the first comment above, that’s exactly what I got too when I read this story. But, to cut the long thing short. It was definitely a good read 🙂👌

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